Jumat, 13 Maret 2015

You Won't Believe What My Favorite Food Is!

This week's English Friday Challenge is so fun and mouth watering! I have a looooot of favorite Indonesian foods, but if I have to pick one, I'll choose..

Lontong Kikil!

Every time I went to a wedding party, I will look up if there's any lontong kikil stall :))
Lontong Kikil Sonokembang Catering
Lontong Kikil Sonokembang, captured by mbak Vania Samperuru - food blogger, at a photo session

Kikil or knuckle is a part of joint in cow's feet, which has jelly like texture. Imagining it can be a little bit disgusting. But if it is cooked until tender, combined with spicy aromatic broth.... it tastes so delicious! I love to add more lime spritz to make it more sour and fresh :) It's a famous food in East Java, especially Surabaya.

My favorite so far is Sonokembang Catering's lontong kikil hihihi... A little bit promoting my family catering. But it's true! Many people love their kikil so much! Even my mother in law always look for that food every time she know she is attending Sonokembang's wedding event :P

Have you tried Lontong Kikil?

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