Jumat, 20 Maret 2015

Be A Sweet Girl in Ribbon and Pastel Colors


This post is a combo of English Friday Challenge: OOTD and a report of Indonesia Fashion Week's The Executive Show ;) The Executive collaborated with Ria Miranda, Jenahara, and Hannie Hananto for their upcoming collection.

Outfit Of The Day
If you are a reader (or stalker hehe! XP) of my blog since 2011, you may notice that this blouse and skirt had been worn in so many blog posts. Yes, I still keep my favorite items and love to wear them over and over again.

I bought my ribbon blouse in a small boutique at Ciputra World Surabaya. It was only about Rp 150.000, but I think it's quite proper for casual & semi formal events. And that pleated skirt was from Icons, Centro Dept. Store, worth Rp 350.000 at 2011. I got it from this event (I didn't pay anything hihihi). I've worn the same combo of blouse and skirt at this post.

After 4 years, I am amazed I still fit into this blouse. It's not as loose as how it used to before, because I gained a few kilograms :P

Fake bokeh using Blur tool in Photoshop :))
My outfit was accessorized with pearl necklace from my mom, Longchamp bag from parents in law, and baby pink veil. I hope I wasn't over-accessorized and still looked simple and humble :">

I want to say thank you to The Executive who gave me their fashion show invitation, but to be honest, I didn't watch it :( I wasn't feeling well that afternoon, and I wanted to go home as soon as possible. I gave my tickets to blogger friend who came to IFW.

But I read the fashion show report and believe it was a success!
Hannie Hananto came up with black and white outfit design:
Source of picture: Tribun News
Jenahara used earthy natural colors as grey, creme, khaki, and olive...
Source of picture: Tribun News
And Ria Miranda the pastel queen also design clothes in neutral colors: white and creme / taupe.
Source of picture: Tribun News

I think my Outfit Of The Day matches Ria Miranda's color, right? ;D

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