Senin, 09 Februari 2015

My Thoughts of The New English Club

Salaam, readers.
A month ago, I was so happy when Nita invited me to join Blog English Club, a new community that she, mas Dani and mas Ryan built. That time, there were about 20 members in BEC Whatsapp Group. I've already known some of them, like Puput, Ola, and Aini who joined Indonesian Hijab Blogger with me. But I haven't known many others. I visited their blogs, and my point of view broadened. There are SO MANY interesting blogs out there, and many great stories are shared!

What is BEC To Me?

At the beginning, writing English Friday Challenge feels like my daily blogging (hahaha) because I used to write my posts in English. BUT, as days went by, the learning group continues. I realized that my English still needed lots of improvement!

Two weeks ago I volunteered my blog post to be one of four articles that were discussed in Monday learning chat. I was shocked that my simple post had so many mistakes. I was lacking of consistency in writing present and past tense! Mbak Eva and mbak Yo corrected my wrong uses of grammar and verb. I've updated my article in case anyone wants to know what was my writing mistakes and learn from that :)

For us Indonesian, practicing English in daily life is a challenge. Can you imagine talking in English with your friends every day? By joining BEC group, I don't feel awkward speaking in English, although it's only in whatsapp messages. It's fun to chat in other language :D

To me, BEC expands my horizon. Not only in improving my English, but also in connecting with people through newly discovered Indonesian blogs. And now I know there are such generous bloggers willing to share their knowledge for free, thank you our beloved Grammar Nazis! :)

The newest info, as BEC grows bigger, the whatsapp group already reached its maximum capacity of 100 people in a month!! Congratulations BEC!!! *clapping hands. Although Whatsapp group is full, you can still join BEC and do its challenges :)

This post is a submission for English Friday challenge #5

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