Minggu, 15 Februari 2015

Alter Ego, Am I Becoming a Seleblog?

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb,
This post is a combo of BEC English Friday Challenge: Alter Ego, and report of Hipwee Article featuring me :D Please don't take the title seriously, I don't consider myself being a seleblog :)))

As I tried to be more productive in blogging, I looked at my blog stats. I was curious, there were some traffic from Hipwee article. My jaw dropped when I clicked the post and see my name on the list of 9 Hijab Bloggers That Inspire You To Be Beautiful Inside Out. "What??? I am on the list with Dian Pelangi, Ria Miranda, Jenahara, and other successful fashion bloggers? Who am I really???"

Alter ego is a second self, a second personality within a person. Maybe, that girl in Hipwee article is not the real me. Maybe Tiananana is my alter ego. My true self loves being at home. I don't like crowd. I hate parties. But she, Tiananana, enjoys the spotlight. She attends fashion events with beautiful clothes and gorgeous makeup. She is so bubbly and attractive. She makes everyone around her laughs.

While I only wear ordinary clothes every day, Tiananana loves dresses and heels. While I enjoy riding public transport because it's cheap and environmental friendly, she prefers to take a cab because she won't let her makeup fade because of sweat! Sometimes I let her take over myself when attending events with new people, hehehe... So maybe, you have met Tiananana instead of me?

And that girl, the girl who got labelled as fashion blogger in the article, is Tiananana ;)

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