Jumat, 16 Januari 2015

EF#2: Wildest Dream Challenge

Back to English Friday, a challenge of Blogger English Club!
Oh my, I was really nervous to write on this topic. Partly because I am a shy girl *what??? girl??? You're too old to say you're a girl, Tia :))) But this challenge is just for fun and for practicing English, so here I am writing...

My wildest dream, besides riding on a hot air balloon, being able to use make up with special effect like a zombie (aha I know this is a weird wish), and wearing a princess' dress (this is even more weird and tacky for a grown up lady hahaha), is...

Ribbon picture from Centsational Girl.

And have my own craft room to keep them all :D

I can spend hours at the bookstore seeing beautiful colors of acrylic paints, staring at cute ribbons at craft store, and beautiful motifs of fabric at textile shop. But then buy nothing because I am stingy at spending money and have no place to keep them at my house (my house is already full of craft things I don't know when I'll use them). I keep fabric scraps, cartons, watercolor that's already dried (for years I didn't paint), but I always want more and more supplies!

My working space now is my dining table... You can't see the big mess from here, but at the bottom of this table I hide piles of wood, paint, cartons, and things only me and God knows. And the guest room at my house serves as a warehouse where I keep my sewing machine and fabrics. I am lucky my husband never complains about this mess :)))

Oh I want to be as organized as Erica from PS: I Made This! *_*
The famous Erica with her craft tools, picture taken from SingleBubblePop.
I guess this dream is about more room, time, and stuffs for creativity :P
Soooo, to reach that, I need:
  • An organized closet/drawer to keep all my artsy stuffs
  • Save more money to buy my dream tools at craft store (hey hubby my top wishlist is Sakura KOI Watercolor!!)
My wildest dream is not wild enough, right? Okayyy bye!

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