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Unexpected Holiday Expenses That Makes You Broke

Assalamu'alaikum readers... Holiday is over (although I haven't finished writing all the stories on blog :p). As we got home and checked our bank account, we were shocked about the amount of money left. We thought we didn't shop that much. We didn't buy branded items as everyone who goes to Europe does (well lots of people take advantage of tax refund policy to buy branded bags / watches, right?). So where did our money goes to??

Here's a list of expenses that's not necessary but does happen:

1. Withdraw Money from ATM Frequently
We brought some dollars to East Europe, but because some countries has different currency, we didn't exchange all our dollars to Euro. For example, Hungary's currency is Forint and Czech is Crown.
If we buy Forint or Crown too much, we're afraid that we'll leave that country with some money left, and it will be useless since we didn't know if we'll come back to that country again. Meanwhile, changing Forint / Crown back to dollar or Euro will have disadvantages too, because the rate will go down (rugi karena nilai tukar).
When we found ATM, we withdraw some Euros. Then some days later, withdraw other currencies. Each time we withdraw money, our Indonesian bank (Bank M*ndiri) charges us Rp 20.000! So the more we withdraw money, the more we got that charge!

2. Failed Transaction = Another Charge
In a shop I input wrong card pin. Days later, at an ATM machine, hubby tried to withdraw a bigger amount than the money left (he didn't know his bank balance). Of course that transactions are failed. After we arrived in Indonesia and checked e-banking, we saw that there are MANY Rp 5.000 charges. Each time a transaction fails, the bank charges us Rp 5.000!

3. A Mindset of Having To Buy Souvenirs From Each Cities Visited
In Europe, a standard magnet can have a price tag of minimum 4 Euro (approx. Rp 60.000). Please multiply by the amount of cities you visited. And oh, those friends who asked "oleh-oleh". And oh, chocolate souvenir is so tempting too! And how about that unique crafts in that souvenir shops? You can spend millions for souvenirs :o

4. Snacks!
Europe trip using travel agent service means long journeys riding a bus across countries. There's a policy that bus has to stop and driver has to rest every 2 hours. Means: we stopped at a rest area, a gas station with minimarket (which is overpriced). A cup of coffee/hot chocolate can cost 5 Euro. Potato chips 5 Euro. Mineral water 3 Euro. And we still buy it. Assumed 10 days of journey with 2 stops everyday and spend @ Euro 10 per stop, you'll end up wasting Euro 200 a.k.a Rp 3.000.000 on snacks (WHATTT???). Well it sounds ridiculous, but it can happen.

....but this kebab is the best Euro I've ever spent! So delicious and unforgettable >_< I'ts sold in a kiosk near Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin for 3.5 Euro, and halal :)
5. Buying Clothes Because Lack of Preparation
Hubby didn't own a pair of boots (and he insisted not to buy it), and he wears sneakers. Of course it gets wet once he stepped on snow and everyone in our family blame him. Then one night our hotel was located in front of a shopping mall, so he is forced to buy a proper boots. Spend dollars $$$.
While me, I didn't bring wool socks. I thought ordinary sock will be okay, but the weather was colder than I expected and my feet hurts. Bought wool socks at a christmas market $$$. And my gloves were made of artificial leather, my hand still freezes. Spend another dollars for gloves $$$.
The lesson is, buy a good quality proper attire before you go on the trip, unless if you think you can buy them cheaper in your travel destination.

That's my list for now. I guess my biggest spending was on number 3. Do you have opinions other than what stated above? What's your biggest spending?

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