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Tour To Berlin Day 1

At the end of 2014, me, hubby, and in laws had a trip to East Europe. We were 8 people who can't go to a place without arguing and debating, so using a travel agent service was the best choice because the itinerary has been arranged professionally. After a long flight from Jakarta, we arrived in Berlin.

The first object we visited was Checkpoint Charlie.
"Checkpoint Charlie (or "Checkpoint C") was the name given by the Western Allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War." (Wikipedia)
Checkpoint Charlie what to do
Photo with the guard at Checkpoint C. Bayar 2 Euro supaya bisa foto :p
If you asked me what was the most memorable moment during this day, my answer would be related to: FOOD! Yeah while other group members took pictures (and some of them bought McDonalds), I spotted a Kebab stall across the street near Checkpoint Charlie.The seller told us that their kebab was halal, they're from Turkiye.
It was THE MOST DELICIOUS KEBAB I've ever eaten!!!! The taste of its hot chili sauce and fresh herbs and savory lamb meat mixed in my mouth and made me want to take more bites. I missed it! When can I taste that kebab again???
Big kebab was 3.5 Euro
We're lucky because we had chance to taste that kebab. Later, other group members who didn't buy any food felt hungry, because as in the itinerary, travel agent only serves dinner for the 1st day.
Berlin Wall!
It was 25 December and every store in town was closed. But there were christmas markets, and we visited it as a replacement of shopping center. The ambiance of christmas market was nice, reminds me of Pasar Malam in Indonesia :D I bought woolen sock because my feet felt cold with cotton sock. At this market you can also buy souvenirs, winter accessories (gloves, ear muffs, hats) and food...
Berlin December Christmas Market

Then we all went to Chinese Restaurant, ate dinner, and checked in to hotel! Oh yeah, if you use travel agent service to Europe, prepare yourself to eat Chinese food almost everyday. Bring your own sambal & abon if you like.

That's all for the first day! Still a long-long journey ahead ;)

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