Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

EF#4 Three Wishlists From Doraemon's Magic Pocket

This week's English post challenge is quite difficult because: (1) the topic is unusual to my blog, (2) I should pick JUST ONE gadget? Oh please, Doraemon has looootttsss of interesting tools! I'm confused which one I like the most :D Hehehehe...

Doraemon is like my childhood friend. In the early 90's, I met him every Sunday morning in front of the TV. Now I have 3 favorite items I would like to grab from Doraemon's pocket:

1. Anywhere Door

This magic door is the answer of every traveler's dream: go around the world with minimum budget. No need to buy airplane ticket. No need to book a hotel (you can sleep in your own bedroom in your house. And we will not worry about getting lost. I bet many BEC members also write about Anywhere Door ;)

2. Time Furoshiki

As a clumsy person, I tend to lose my grip when I hold something. For example, my ceramic bowl slipped from my hand and broke apart. My cellphone fell down a day after I bought it, and got chipped at its corner. Time Furoshiki is a piece of cloth that can turn an item to newer or older condition. I need this cloth to fix my bowl and cellphone. Oh, and also for the seeds I planted outside my house, it will be nice if they grow faster. Let's cover them with Time Furoshiki!

3. Projection Camera

Nah, this tool is perfect for a girl who loves to play dress up :D
Source of picture
We can draw clothing pictures, or cut dresses' photos from magazine. Then we put the pictures on Projection Camera, aim and shoot! Voila! The person will be wearing a new outfit. If I can have this clothes-changing-camera, I will never feel like "I have nothing to wear" again. Ah, women.

By the way, I am totally aware that none of these items are logical. But however, I am impressed at how Fujiko F. Fujio uses his imagination. He's so creative! So, what tools do you like the most from Doraemon's pocket? 

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