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EF#3 How Gadget Affects My Marriage Life

UPDATE 28/01/2015: I made some corrections in my post, as my post was one of four articles that were discussed at BEC group. Thank you mbak Eva and mbak Lorraine who corrected my grammar mistakes and wrong words ^_^ I should pay attention in my consistency of present and past tense!

This post is another Blog English Club (BEC) 'English Friday' challenge!! :D This week's topic is How Gadget Affects Our Life, which idea was submitted by Ola in BEC whatsapp group. Since "Our Life" is too expansive, I will limit my scope to... my marriage!

At the beginning of my marriage
After our first dinner as married couple, I told hubby, "Let's put away our cellphone and have quality time." We ignore (IGNORED) some BBM and whatsapp from friends and colleagues saying congratulation (CONGRATULATIONS) for (ON) our marriage (WEDDING), because replying them can (COULD) take hours :D It would be silly if a newlywed couple is busy with themselves, staring at their own gadgets!

Honeymoon with minimum usage of gadget! Errr... is camera categorized as 'gadget'?

Confession: At Changi airport's computer during honeymoon, I updated my Facebook status to "Married". Somehow I felt guilty if I didn't do it. And when I received wedding pictures 3 weeks later, I felt obligated to upload them. Spent hours of sitting in front of my laptop >_< That's a prove that I was being invaded by gadget. But I felt contented and happy with my new life, that I rarely opened my social media (except for uploading wedding pictures).

After some months being married
Each time hubby is out of town for work, gadget becomes our savior. Our generation is lucky to have such technologies. When our parents were young, the only way to connect with their loved ones is by writing mail or telegram (phone calls were expensive). Now there are lots of free application to call someone from handphone or laptop :D

  1. At this phase, we started (START) to use our gadget in our quality time. Going to a cafe? Gadgets are put on the table. Food come? Take a picture first!
  2. We like to spend time together watching youtube or scrolling funny pictures in instagram, and laugh together until our stomachs hurt :p 
  3. At times when I drowned too much in (WHEN I WAS BUSY WITH*) my social media life (blogging, taking pictures for instagram, replying comments, reading whatsapp messages), I forgot to do my daily task as a housewife :( This is not good!
*drowned tidak tepat digunakan. Never ever translate from Indonesian, because it won't work.

What I hope for the future
First, I want to fix my previous confession number 3 (about the lack of time management in using gadget). I've wrote about it in my post to be more productive.

Second, if Allah answers our prayer to have children, I will not ignore my children by using gadget in front of them. Also, I will not use gadget as a 'digital baby sitter' to make my baby quite (QUIET) when they are bored. I read in some research, gadget shouldn't be given to child under 2 years old! I hope me and hubby can stick with this rule when that time comes :)

PS: Sorry for this very long post. I planned to write it simple, but my mind kept running and my hands kept writing :)))

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