Jumat, 02 Januari 2015

Clothes That I've Worn Too Many Times #1

Do you have a favorite item you'd love to wear over and over again? I have this brown striped tunic tees, that my mom gave me in 2010. I've worn it maybe a hundred times, and now it's kinda stretchy (melar/molor) T_T But I still like it!
From top left to right: 1. The tunic goes to Netherland. 2. Goes to Singapore River Safari. 3. DIY shrug project. 4. OOTD in 2011. 5. Goes to Cipari, Kuningan. 6. Hang out with friends making scrapbook together.
There are still many blogposts which I worn this striped tunic but my pictures were so smaaalll :))) This item was really a savior in my daily outfit, comfortable to wear, no wrinkle, no need ironing, and long enough for me to wear trousers. That's why I ALWAYS bring it everywhere I travel.

My hubby complains whenever I wear this, "Ahhh you're wearing that clothes again??" and I stopped wearing that for 2 months. But then I missed it and wear it again hahahaha...

I should look for the substitution of this comfy tunic! Ah yeah, in case you're wondering where did my mom got this clothes? She bought it at Pasar Atum Surabaya, in Korean fashion shops.

Do you have a favorite item too in your wardrobe? Let's take a look into your closet. What's the oldest item you have and still wear it occasionally?

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