Jumat, 09 Januari 2015

Blog Plans in 2015

I remembered writing a new year resolution when I was a teenager, because every teen magazine told me so :)) But as I grow older, somehow I forgot to write my resolutions. Oh I should start mapping my life plans because it seems like I'm stuck in a comfort zone!

Seperti keset Welcome, tempat kita melangkahkan kaki dan merasa disambut :D


Special for IHB Blog Post Challenge I will make some plans regarding to my blog:

1. Write More Often

A few years ago I can reach 90 posts a year! That's the time when I didn't think too much about what to write. I write anything that makes me happy. In 2014 I wrote 52 posts, and this year... ummm... well, I think minimum 52 posts will be awesome too :) No increase in number, but for an average 1 post per week, I think it's okay to my capacity.

2. Review More Products

I found that most of time when I want to buy something, I'll be googling product reviews from other blogs. Product reviews can be useful for someone who need information, and that's what blogging is about: sharing information. Maybe I'll review body care products I used, restaurants I visit, shoes I wear, etc etc. Wow that will be lots of blog post ideas :)))

3. Read More Blogs

After joining some blog communities: Indonesian Hijab Blogger and Blog English Club, I have a bundle of blog lists to read. I believe reading more blog will increase my knowledge and perspective, and I might find some new favorite blogs :) I was just realised, there are many many Indonesian bloggers right now! Wow!

4. More DIY Posts

Because I love it! And I missed it :D

Actually, this post is my first post in 2015 (my previous post was a scheduled post from December 2014 that I prepared because I had to travel for 2 weeks :P). So, welcome 2015!

This post is a response for IHB Blog Post Challenge ;D What do you plan for your blog?

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