Jumat, 09 Januari 2015

A Word for 2015: Productivity

Wait... Two posts in a day? Well, yes! Today is Friday and there is a blog challenge from Blog English Club (BEC): a post in English every week with different theme. You can kepo-kepo BEC from here.

My previous post mainly talked about my blog plans, and in this post I'll write about my self plan.

My word for 2015 is: PRODUCTIVITY! I chose that word because I feel like in 2014 I was really terrible in time management. I did write a to-do-list but somehow I can't finish all my plans in a day (even though my list was only daily activities such as washing clothes, going to the market, ironing, painting on wood, cooking, etc). That's not cool! Many housewives out there do lots of things daily, taking care of children and still can bake a cake and run a business and write a blog and this and that, why can't I?

Printable daily planner by me. You can click it for full size and print it if you want :)

Everyone has the same 24 hours. I must manage my time and reduce my bad habits, such as:
  • seeing my cellphone whenever it blinks (and it blinks almost each minute because too many whatsapp group hahaha)
  • surfing the internet without time limit (blogwalking can spend hours)
  • being too curious while opening instagram (I can be very kepo for instagram accounts that posted nice illustration, calligraphy, home decoration, online shops, humor, ...ummm that's really time consuming!)
Basically, I must reduce my distractions!

And I need to organize my daily life, making some habits that repeated daily, with the same time frame everyday:
  • gardening every morning from 6.15 to 6.30
  • simple workout for 20 minutes.... will find out later! (I hate sport and I should look for a workout that will not bore me)
  • putting dirty clothes to washing machine
  • open whatsapp chats, emails, and blog for 2 hours
  • ironing for 1 hour
  • preparing lunch
  • painting on wood for 2 hours
  • and so on 
I'm going to write my daily schedule and put it in my working desk. Bismillah!
Oh ya, you can make your own daily planner and use it for monthly plans, blogging plans, or even daily expenses ;)

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