Senin, 15 Desember 2014

Why Blog If Instagram Is Easier?

Well, since Instagram gets booming, many bloggers forgot to post their stories on blog, is it true? That's what me and Puput talked about at our meet up. And that's one reason why Indonesian Hijab Blogger existed, to encourage bloggers post again.

For me, blogging was kind of hobby. I do experience those times when I feel like I want to shut my blog down (yah galau ceritanya), when it felt like I talked too much about myself to the world (that's the problem of introverted girl :p).
My blogpost at 2010: What's Your Emoticon?
But I came back to my blog every time I want to share :)
Many bloggers said blogging can give them new friends, and source of money, that's true.

Here's some reasons I blog.
  1. I was inspired by Diana Rikasari's blog, because her blog always make me happy & send me positive feelings. Then I knew Aifasuitcase blog (too bad she closed her blog :( If you read this, Aifa, please blog again!) which was the most beautiful hijab blog I knew at 2009.
  2. By blogging, I feel like I have my own magazine I would like to read. It contains DIY things, fashion thingy, travel stories, and reviews. Each time I experienced something exciting or have crazy ideas about anything, I'd like to share it to the world. This blog is like a canvas for me to be creative again.
  3. The most important! Those stories I posted still exist even after years. While instagram is instant and easy, your post will disappear from timeline in hours (except if someone is kepo enough to scroll down your instagram photos). Your blog post is eternal. People can still google your articles. For example, there were still someone mails me about my wedding vendors, although my wedding blog post was written in 2012. Or someone still download my "paperdoll design" I made in 2010 :) Sharing is beautiful!
Modifying clothes to hijab-friendly-attire at Elie Saab Inspiration blog post.
So whether you're just started blogging, or have a long forgotten blog, just keep writing. What you share might be useful for others, and maybe inspiring for many people :)