Rabu, 03 Desember 2014

Meet Up with Puput Utami

...well, actually this meet up happened because... she ordered wooden painting from me hehehehe :p

I knew Puput Utami's blog since the beginning of 2010s, when there were only a few hijab blogger (including me!). Hijab fashion were not as 'trendy' as what happened right now. Then hijab fashion bloggers became trend in 2010s, but at 2012 when instagram got booming, one by one hijab bloggers forgot their blog. But Puput still consistently blog :D

Finally I had the chance to meet her in person (ah I forgot, actually I did meet her twice: at Hijaberscomm Launching event & before Dian Pelangi's Sisterhood event but never had a chance to chit chat). She's humble & bubbly, nice to meet you Put!

This is the wooden painting for her parents' wedding anniversary. Hope they like it & may their marriage be happy, dunia akhirat, inshaa Allah... Puput's story about this present can be read at her blog.

Oh yeah, at this meet up we talked about blogging. How we feel guilty if we left our blog for weeks unwritten. And as blogger whose blog post contains more photos than words, sometimes it feels hard to come up with new blog post. We need to visit some place or attend some events first to have a blog material. Well, this meet up can be a blog post, yippieee!!

And another info, Indonesian Hijab Blogger (IHB) will hold a meet up a.k.a Kopdar event! I'm planning to go there. Will you come?

UPDATE 6/12/2014: IHB bukan cuma fashion blogger aja.. Ini blogku juga ga jelas alirannya tapi mau ikutan kopdar kok hehehehee