Sabtu, 13 Desember 2014

Kopdar Indonesian Hijab Blogger

Alhamdulillah, last Monday I came to Indonesian Hijab Blogger Kopdar event :D
I encouraged myself to attend an event with no one accompany me, with the possibility of feeling awkward because no one knows me.
From Talitha's blog
But when I arrived there, I saw friendly ladies :) Some faces I known like Restu (have met her once before), Fika & Ghaida (have been a blogger friend since 2009), some bloggers who were Hijabers Community committee, and surprisingly I met my highschool friend Tia! Yes her name is also Tia, like me, and we both joined Karate course a few years ago at SMA 5 Surabaya :P
Me, Fika, and Tia--the highscool & karate friend
I've been searching for photos from other blogger's blog (well that's why it took me so long to post mine, because that day I don't take any photos :))) I depend on others =_="). Lucky, many bloggers have posted their story and probably you've already heard all good reviews about the event.
Dari blognya Noni
All are muslim designers! Lucky me having the chance to be captured with'em hehehee..
Diambil dari blog Noni
At this event, all the participants are gifted with a goodiebag from Hanalila Daily Hijab (containing one piece of chiffon shawl and a gift voucher).
Hanalila's goodie bag for all the participants. Thanks Hanalila!
And lucky again, I got goodie bag from Misla and Kaffah Scarf alhamdulillaaaah.. lucky lucky lucky.... Berangkat tangan kosong pulang dengan 3 goodie bag ;P
From Misla's instagram. Dini and me got Misla's goodie bag ^o^
Here's what's inside Misla's bag :) Thank you Ola!!
And 3 scarves from Kaffah by Siti Juwariyah :D
From Fika's blog
Ehem buat yang penasaran, Indonesian Hijab Blogger ini bukan cuma fashion blogger lho. Kata "Hijab" ini dikhususkan buat blogger-blogger cewek yang pakai hijab, as simple as that :)
Di kopdar ini direncanakan event selanjutnya berupa workshop teknis ngeblog, karena kemarin banyak yang tanya-tanya topik seperti cara mengubah header, mengedit kategori blog, memasukkan button/logo ke sidebar blog... Seru kan?