Rabu, 24 Desember 2014

Baby Pink Abaya

This baby pink abaya actually was a tailor-made dress for Lebaran 2014 (me, sister & mom in law made the same abaya but different in colors). When mommy asked me to accompany her to a wedding event in Bandung, I brought this abaya in my backpack.
Mommy said this dress was too humble for a party, but then I paired it with pearl necklace to add more 'party look'. Well I didn't want to look too dressed up, so yeah it still looked too humble & no sparkling blings :P
Closer lace details.

The wedding venue was decorated beautifully in green leaves and fuchsia + orange flowers, and mom asked me to take pictures at many spots hehehe. Lucky me, now I have this #OOTD outfit post! *I rarely took any pictures at any event*

Now I think I'll use this dress as a go-to outfit every time I have no time to prepare clothing for formal events (like Pengajian Pernikahan, formal dinner, and even a wedding party). Easy to iron (ironing is a kinda big deal for me ahahahahaa), no need inner manset, no need to wrap batik sarong :p

Do you have a go-to outfit you can use at many events?

Photos by my mommy's phone
Makeup by me using NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Addis Ababa :D

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