Jumat, 21 November 2014

Would You Wood Yourself?

Lately my hours are filled with... talenan a.k.a wooden cutting board! The first time I paint on wood was to draw flower in this post. Then I try to accommodate my friend's need of unique anniversary gift. He asked me to paint his & his wife's face! At first I was nervous, this wooden painting is new for me. And I don't think I can paint realistically. The face painting will be different from their real face :( But however, the truth is I don't really like realistic painting because I have a weird feeling that people's eyes in the painting would blink at night! :p

Here's my latest work.
Painting 4 faces on 4 talenan. It's not easy as copy paste. All is handpainted, level of stress & boredom gets higher :p
Family portrait
Custom Anniversary Gift
I still don't know whether I will seriously promote & market my talenans work, because painting these woods really take time, patient, and much love, of course! :D I could sit all day in the dining table painting, and forgot to clean the house *eh*
In case you wanna ask me about the talenan, you can contact me through Line tianandaw or Whatsapp 081 2356 4958 ;)