Jumat, 21 November 2014

Would You Wood Yourself?

Lately my hours are filled with... talenan a.k.a wooden cutting board! The first time I paint on wood was to draw flower in this post. Then I try to accommodate my friend's need of unique anniversary gift. He asked me to paint his & his wife's face! At first I was nervous, this wooden painting is new for me. And I don't think I can paint realistically. The face painting will be different from their real face :( But however, the truth is I don't really like realistic painting because I have a weird feeling that people's eyes in the painting would blink at night! :p

Here's my latest work.
Painting 4 faces on 4 talenan. It's not easy as copy paste. All is handpainted, level of stress & boredom gets higher :p
Family portrait
Custom Anniversary Gift
I still don't know whether I will seriously promote & market my talenans work, because painting these woods really take time, patient, and much love, of course! :D I could sit all day in the dining table painting, and forgot to clean the house *eh*
In case you wanna ask me about the talenan, you can contact me through Line tianandaw or Whatsapp 081 2356 4958 ;)

7 komentar:

  1. Waaa kece bangettt!! Ini yg suka ada di instagram ya? Hihihi... yg BFF plg atas juga lucu banget <3

  2. kereeeen banget tia...
    bikin akun di ETSY aja
    biar makin mendunia talenan craft nya

  3. i think you could promote your craft as custom made only, so you could control the quantity that you produce. nowadays people are willing to wait for such crafts because they are not easily found in shops.

  4. These are actually awesome!
    I'd love to have something like that for a gift :)
    Will you make a GA for that? Ahahah

    Anyway, have a nice weekend :)

  5. Kak Tiaaaaaaaa mau dong kapan-kapan pesen ke dirimuuuu :3 locok banget! Ai jatuh cintrong *lebay*

  6. Yasalaaaam.. meuni kece pisan ih.
    Talenan cantik :-*

    Kapan-kapan aku mau pesan juga ah :D

  7. Mau donk ... pesan lewat mana nich de' tia ?


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