Rabu, 05 November 2014

Natural Soap Review: Cute 7Cactus

Lately my skin felt so dry and cracked and I remembered soap in the market contains lotsss of chemicals. According to Healthywomen.org, here's 4 ingredients you need to avoid:

I tried to substitute using commercial soap to natural soap. While browsing instagram, I found beautiful arrays of soap photos from 7cactus and wanted to purchase immediately! The claim of 7cactus based on the owner's experience is:
...It makes total sense to me why handmade soaps are better for our skin compared to store bought ones. The absence of harsh detergents and god knows what chemicals, replaced by natural, skin loving oils and pure additives, you be the judge which one is good for your skin.
My soaps arrived! Beautifully wrapped and smell oh-so-good! They have ready stock soap,  means that the soaps are ready to be used, they have been cured (cured = let sit for 4-8 weeks for saponification process). That's a good thing! I once interested to buy soap from other seller but the soap must wait 4 weeks, no!

Ain't they're so cute and pretty? Looked like cake & smell wonderful. BTW if you're asking about the fragrance used in these soaps, I've just emailed the owner, and she replied:
So, the resume is: safe ingredient! Hurray!!

Price: quite pricey but it worth the quality & effort to make 'em
Smell: lovely!
Size: quite thin
Lather: good lather, but depends on what soap you use (different oil creates different lather)
Customer Service: good
Repurchase? Yes! Want to try another soap designs, they're just too cute >o<

Dou you love to use natural soap? What brand did you use?

Disclaimer: I purchased these products myself and this review is purely my own opinion

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  1. Dear Tia,

    Makasih ya reviewnya. Enjoy the soaps! :)

    (7 Cactus)

  2. great inspiring blog :)



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