Selasa, 11 November 2014

Garage Saleeee!

Because my closet seems full, I think it's the best time to sell some pieces :)
These outfits have been loved, and I hope they can go to somebody's closet who will love them too.

01. Preloved Dress
Aifa Suitcase Creme Maxi Dress
All Size, dengan vuring eksklusif seperti baju-baju butik, jahitan rapi. Worn 2-3 times, always cleaned at laundry.
Rp 250.000 (bought around 550.000 - 600.000)

Worn at my Pengajian Menjelang Pernikahan.

02. Preloved Winter Coat / Parka

Promod Black Winter Coat / Winter Jacket / Parka
Size L, isi 70% down (serat bulu angsa) & 30% feather (bulu angsa).
Super hangat, pernah dipakai ke Seoul suhu minus (-9 derajat).
Rp 550.000

Contact me via whatsapp 081 2356 4958 or Line ID: tianandaw ;)

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