Rabu, 19 November 2014

Floating Market Lembang Short Trip

My neighborhood community a.k.a arisan ibu RT & RW held an outing to Bandung last Wednesday. It's been years since their last vacation together, and they've been missing their togetherness.
We visited Panci Bima (maklum wisata emak-emak), Floating Market, and Kartika Sari Dago, but really Floating Market was the highlight of the day!

Oh yeah maybe you're wondering how old am I to join 'arisan ibu-ibu RT' which consists women from 40-75 years old. I've just joined the arisan for a few months, since I moved to my house now. Being a housewife, I don't have many friends coz friends at my ages are working during weekdays! I feel like I should socialize with my neighborhood, for example, joining arisan. Of course I was the youngest member :p They even said, "Oh you're the same age as my third child!" or "Your age is like my grandson!"
I brought tripod and Fujifilm X10 pocket camera so that we can take photo in full team.

After some rain
My favorite view! I love the tudor house.
Taken by myself and my tripod. Yay! Finally a picture of me!
You know the feeling when you went to a place and felt like you should come back there with a person you love / your family? Well I definitely feel that way. I should bring hubby & mom & dad & brother here! Buuuut maybe during weekdays yaaaa ;D

Update: Me & ibuk-ibuk had lunch at Timbel Restaurant in Floating Market. They served jumbo portion of Nasi Timbel, with tahu tempe, ayam kampung goreng, sambel oncom, lalapan, and sayur asem. Super kenyang!! Akhirnya nggak jajan di pasar apungnya... *err cuma beli colenak sihhh*