Minggu, 09 November 2014

DIY Rose Stamp from Pakchoi

My thought every time I cut pakchoi (and other vegetables in cabbage-family) is, "Hey, the leftover looked like rose!" Instead of going to garbage immediately, let's play with them.

See? The vegetable leftover forms a rosy shape

Stamp it! My pak choi only had few leaves, so the rose is not full.

Voila, a bouquet of roses :D
Stroke a bit of paint in empty spaces at the roses to create more rose petals. Have fun!

Tips: use vegetables with more leaves to create fuller rose ;)

5 komentar:

  1. kreatif banget Mbak Tia ^^
    aku gak pernah nyadar kalo sisa potongan Pok Choy bisa berbentuk bunga mawar.

    errr... atau akunya aja yang gak pernah masak Pok Choy ya? hehehehe

  2. Cakep ... kreatif ... jempol dech

  3. Waaah kreatif banget... aku mana kepikiran buat hiasan spt itu..

  4. kreatif banget si kak ;)

  5. Hadeh Tia.. kepikiran aja.. jago amat.. :D


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