Kamis, 13 November 2014

An Afternoon in Lucerne

Salaam. This is a late post of some unblogged photos from Europe trip 2012 :)
Time surely flies!
With my nephew, N, he was only 2 years old yet sooo talkative. "Tante Tiyak jaketnya lembut yaaa..." and he was so attached to me when I put my parka :))) *in this picture I didn't wear the 'lembut' jacket and he was, "Tante Tiyak kok gak pake jaket yang lembuuut..." :))))))
The Lion Monument, a sleeping lion sculpture in Lucerne Switzerland
In the morning we went to Mount Titlis at Engelberg
Udah pantes belum buat ngemong anak? :p *doakan yaaaa*

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