Kamis, 02 Oktober 2014

Woody Flowery

It's been a long long time since I think 'I am a creative girl'. In my childhood I used to draw my own comic, make my own 'activity book' (like the ones sold for kids: a magazine containing maze, crossword puzzles, fill the dots to make a picture, etc), sew my teddy's clothes, and making cute cards for mom & friends.
Well, I'm not gonna blame my academic activity but school really turned me into a left-brained person :p

I wanted to study graphic design but at my highschool everybody seemed wanting to be a doctor or an engineer. Well then I got accepted at management Unair & industrial engineering ITS, and chose ITS. This part of my life, I thought I was a smart girl, but gradually lose my sense of art :)))
I am grateful though, I met my hubby in college! It's a bonus hehehehe...

This blog is the place where I can pour my creativity.
Now I'm practicing painting again. This is my first trial painting on wooden cutting board.
Hydrangea, acrylic on wood. Found a tutorial on the net how to draw hydrangea. Still far from perfection, but I never thought I can do this until I stroke my brush :)

The conclusion is, follow your passion although it's a bit different than the society. Dian Pelangi went to SMK and then fashion college, and now she's soooo successful. We can't change the past, but nothing is too late. Susan Boyle found out she was so good in singing in Britain's Got Talent, when she was 50.

And when things aren't going as you dreamed, remember that Allah always has a plan, better for you. For me, it's finding my soulmate and best friends in the college ;) *ambil hikmahnya saja*

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  1. Super creative and multiTALENANT! :))

  2. Tia.. I am a left-brained person and never been a creative one, so I think my decision to take engineering major fits me well, he he.. But girl, your talent is amazing! Saw your works in Instagram, and so envy.. And you can sew too? I always imagine I'll sew my kids barbie doll's clothes, but I am really not into craft, DIY, or similar things. It's just not my things. :D

  3. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog again and leave such a lovely comment from an old time blogger fella. I love the result of your drawing. For me that is so beautifu. Keep it up ;)

  4. aaaaa ini dia ini dai DIY nyaaaa :) bunganya manis banget mbak


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