Senin, 06 Oktober 2014

Soap Making With Kippabuw

Sunday, September 28, I joined soap making class by mbak Vero from Kippabuw :D The class held in Paviliun 28, an eclectic cafe in Kebayoran Jakarta.
I love the place! But hubby didn't like it :)) He prefers waiting for me in a clean-decorated place (well it's all about taste of art, yo)

Patung Pancoran!!!

I found this cafe is unique with all it's randomness. They sell jamu and Indonesian food.

OOTD *failed to be a hijab fashion blogger hihihiiii I'm sooo not photogenic! Never looked cool on camera!

Soap making process: scale, mix, stir. Only a few ingredient: coconut oil, olive oil, water, and sodium hydroxyde for saponification process (will be all gone after the soap is finished). No SLS/SLES or paraben or anything hard to pronounce like soaps in supermarket :D

Voila we're done! Now comes the hardest part: WAITING. Wait 24-48 hours before we can remove soap from the mold and cut into soap bar. And then wait for another 4 to 8 weeks (yes, WEEKS) for the soap to be ready to use. The longer the better.
Ah yes, if we're not patient enough, simply just buy it to natural soap seller :D Hihihiiiii...

BTW those food in the last picture, I don't know what menu is that, like nasi campur vegetarian... Tasted sooooo gooooddddd!!!

PS: ingredients of natural soap can be found online, many international bloggers share their recipe ;)

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