Kamis, 09 Oktober 2014

Giveaway! Free Pokaku Voucher!

I have 3 Pokaku vouchers worth Rp 100.000 each, which I'll share to my blog readers!

How to Join:
  1. Simply leave a comment in your favorite blog post (any post at my blog): #PokakuGiveaway, your name, your blog address, and your email :D
  2. I'll choose 3 lucky bloggers and give their email address to Pokaku, so Pokaku can send the vouchers ;)

Ditunggu komennya sampai 22 Oktober yaa :D

3 komentar:

  1. Wahh, worth to try nih, siapa tau beruntung hehe :)

    #PokakuGiveaway, Annisa Aulia Jasmy, tabularasanisa.blogspot.com, annisaaulia.jasmy@gmail.com

  2. yuhhuu, second visiting here. good luck ya


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