Jumat, 12 September 2014

Review: Create Your Own Unique Phone Case

Recently I got my customized phone cases from Pokaku... umm well, actually not for me. I ordered them for my hubby's iPhone 5C & bro in law's 5S.
In Pokaku website, we can choose cases for phone & tablet, and choose to buy artist's design or create our own. This is fun!! 

Ready made design are a bit more expensive, because it includes royalty for the artist. I choose to design the case myself, so easy because Pokaku provide a simple program in the website to upload your desired picture & text & so on.

We can also sell our design if we want to, and set how much royalty we want each time people buy a case of our art in Pokaku. Exciting, right? One thing to remember if you wanna sell them is your art should be made by you, not from copyrighted materials.

So happy when Pokaku arrived! Only about 3 days from my design submission! Nice & safe packaging. I designed (a very simple design: Garuda in wooden) for hubby, and bro in law wanted Paul Fr*nk's pattern to match his ID strap. 

Can you see the difference? One is doff and one is glossy :D As I wanted! Hehehe the wooden print looked so real in doff ;)

There is only one small cons in my experience with Pokaku: there's a bit imperfection of pattern in curved corner of the case. Well maybe it's because of manufacturing process, bending flat object to curve ;)

Aaaand I wish Pokaku had Lenovo phone case. Right now they only make Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, LG, Samsung, and Sony cases.

Overall, my experience with Pokaku is satisfying! Aren't they lovely & make perfect gifts?

If you want to know more about Pokaku, you can kepo-kepo:
Instagram: @pokaku | Twitter: @pokaku | Facebook: pokaku

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  1. phone casenya keren. siiiip pokaku :)

  2. Terima kasih yah reviewnya, terima kasih juga untuk kritiknya. Kami akan berusaha untuk memperbaiki cetakan di pinggirnya


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