Rabu, 24 September 2014

Overall, I Love It!

Salaam ladies!
I remembered my childhood wearing overall trouser, and finding this overall denim dress brings back my memories :D
Overall is "Loose-fitting trousers, usually of strong fabric, with a bib front and shoulder straps, often worn over regular clothing as protection from dirt." (taken from thefreedictionary)
What I love the most is, I can wear it with whatever shirt and whatever jilbab and also cardigan if I want to. Well, similar with sleeveless maxi dress ;)
I think I looked *a bit* younger hahahahaha...

Hijab: Mezora (by Zoya), doubled with yellow paris hijab
Tee: unbranded boy shirt
Overall denim: Dust (available at Matahari Dept Store)

Okayyy see you later, blog!

2 komentar:

  1. waah flashback beberapa tahun kebelakang liat ka tia pake overall ini. looks very nice on you kaak.. *brb cari overall lama*

  2. aku kalo pake itu mendelep kaya'nya, tia ... ~.~"


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