Jumat, 26 September 2014

Anniversary Dinner

Last Saturday, me and hubby planned a belated anniversary dinner. 3 weeks too late because we were sort of 'long distance marriage' this month. Worn a neat dress and ready to go... to Pepener* Italian restaurant in Sudirman. Friends reviews said it is a romantic place to eat!
When we arrived at Pepener*, hubby asked the waitress for halal food choice. But the waitress replied, "No we can't provide it. The pasta sauce has already contained wine," with arrogant face >___<

Soon we left the restaurant feeling ashamed and hubby drove confusedly don't know where to go. It sucks when a night you've planned for a week did not go well. Then we decided to just go to a mall. At least mall has a lot of place to eat.

What supposed to be a romantic dinner turns to pizza-dinner at Pizz* Expr*ss :P Alhamdulillah good food. But we were so tired... Spent an hour in the road after that 'all pasta contains wine tragedy'. 
Vesuvius Romana Pizza and Pesto spaghetti (not captured) at Pizz* Expre*ss.

The next day me and hubby went to Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) at Kemayoran Jakarta. Played a game in Mini Cooper booth. Hubby got Mini Cooper freebies from the quiz game :D And trying cars from hundreds of millions to BILLIONS. We tried Mercy, VW, and many Japanese car brands. It was fun! Well yeah, this activity is so fun to boyyysss riiight?

And on the way home, we passed Dapur Solo. Spontaneously I said, "That was grandpa's favorite restaurant!" and hubby offered me to go there. We are not a couple who spend a lot of time for culinary adventure, so this is quite unplanned!

We had a good chit chat and laughter while we eat this Nasi Liwet and Selad Solo. Well, if I can say, this experience is much better than our 'anniversary dinner' the day before :D

Sometimes we tend to plan everything to run smooth and nice, but most of times, spontaneous things are the best memories :)

~All pictures are taken from hubby's iPhone~

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  1. happy anniversary and your look is so lovely!

  2. kak share DIY dong hehe thankyou and salam kenaaaal :)


  3. Happy anniv ka Tia dan suami <3 Suka dressnya ka tiaa nihh cantikk <3


  4. Wah, happy anniversary ya! pretty outfit, Tia ^^

    Iya, kadang merencanakan sesuatu bareng itu nyebelin kalo gajadi, tapi random juga seru ya kalo sama suami sendiri ;P

  5. Waa happy anniversary! ^^ semoga tambah rukun dan bahagia.

    Iya kalau direncanain suka bete ya kalau ga kesampaian. Tapi kadang random alias jalan2 ga jelas juga happy ya kalo sama orang tersayang. Hihihi


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