Jumat, 19 September 2014

Have a nice flowery day!

I always wanted a fresh floral bouquet at home, but where is the nearest place to buy them? Rawa Belong is too far away.
Sooo envy with instagram people who posted fresh flowers at their home every day >_< And oh, I was too late to join Living Loving class: Play With Flowers. It looks fun! They make flower crowns & bouquets.

I wanted to make a flower crown but had no flowers, so... I painted a floral border:

The flower design was inspired by scrapbook paper I bought (see picture below). However, I cannot imitate the real drawing. I guess everyone has their own style of art :)
Background: scrapbook paper

BTW Mochamochi is really yummy :9 I love the original peanut. Haven't tried the cheese, ovomaltine, and paste series, because I already in love with the original. Cute packaging, too :*

4 komentar:

  1. cantik banget desainnya mbaa. love love! ;)

  2. Nyamnyam. Baca ginian pas siang-siang bikin fresh deh mbak. Tambah laper jg sih, hehehe.

  3. @Nazura: awww makasiiii :D
    @Soulful: hyeheheee laper pengen mochi yaaa

  4. me too...sukaa juga flower flower
    cantik euy designnya :D


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