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Tutorial: Enhancing Pics With Photoscape

As a blogger who post pictures a lot, I really need photo editing software. Sometimes pictures from camera is too dark or too faint/dull. But I'm too lazy to open Photoshop (and for a few month I have no Photoshop installed).

Lucky, for Windows user who don't have Photoshop, we can use Photoscape, a freeware, to enhance the appearance of our pictures. In this tutorial, I'll show you some Color Curves trick.
Before editing - After editing (using Photoscape)

Very easy to do it! Open Photoscape, drag a picture you want to edit to "Editor"

After your picture is opened, click a small arrow in "Bright, Color" (1), then click "Color Curves" (2)

Then play with the curves! Photoshop user must have known the function of Curves. If you don't know, it's a tool to lighten/darken the picture and add some depth. 
From what I experienced (I never really studying Photoshop... just trial and error), first you drag the line in "b" area a little up, then your picture will suddenly gets brighter. The "c" area will brighten/darken the light colors, and the "a" area will lighten/deepen the dark colors (shadow). Ahhh explaining is confusing, let's just try ittt...

Look at the curves? I adjust 3 points, from "a", "b", and "c" area which I talked about before.

Then click the "Saturation" tab next to "Color" tab. You can adjust the saturation curve to enhance the colors.
If you drag the Saturation curves up, your picture will add more colors.

If you drag the Saturation curves down, your picture will lose its colors.

If you are satisfied with the result, you're done! Save it as a new file :)

Photoscape also have some effects like lomo cameras... And you can also add text / crop / resize pictures or make a collage from a few pictures. For a freeware, Photoscape is easy & fun to use :)

Either your pictures are from a high end camera or just a phone camera, you can always enhance it to your liking ;)

PS: you can google "download Photoscape" if you want to have the freeware

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