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Traveling: Hello Jogja! #2 (+ Food Review)

Assalamu'alaikum! ^_^
Continuing my Jogja story on early June, here's what I do in Jogja for a week (while hubby had a workshop - he works and I shop! Just kidding heheheh):
  1. I went to Prambanan temple with hubby's friend's wife + kids
  2. Met my highschool friends, one is studying postgraduate at Jogja, and one lives at Seyegan (town near Jogja)
  3. First meet up with Lucia, a blogger friend, crafter from Jogja
  4. Meet up with Aicha, a former Hijabee Surabaya committee who studies postgraduate at UGM
No no no shopping. Because a wife should be wise on spending money! ;p
Prambanan Temple!

With mbak Fika's cuteeee daughter! >_<

Still on restoration after earthquake & volcano eruption hit Jogja

With Swasti (+ her newborn daughter!), Danar, and meeee at Swasti's house, Seyegan

Went to Taman Budaya Jogja with Luchie, a few days before the Art Fest began (by the time they held the Art Fest, I have already went back to Jakarta, poor me!)

Luchie guided me to Museum Mainan Anak Kolong Tangga inside Taman Budaya (it's really located under the stair!)
Toys & puppets from all around the world

Lotus Mio cafe at Jl. Tirtodipuran, food looked simple but it tastes good. But only if you like the taste of western food, a little bit bland and not much spices ;) Price quite expensive, but looked like they have good quality ingredients. (There's also a cute gift shop inside the cafe!)

Luchie took me to Kurnia Lurik, a lurik factory (with no machine!) where Abdi Dalem Keraton usually buy many of it. It is on JL. Krapyak Wetan, No. 133 Yogyakarta.

On the way back to hotel, me and Luchie ride becak from Jl. Tirtodipuran to Taman Pintar (then I took a shuttle bus from there). We passed by Keraton, Tamansari, and Abdi Dalem's houses. No picture, because I only wanted to enjoy that afternoon riding becak with the wind blows over my face ;D

Okayyy, that's my adventure. And here's some bonus: Cheap Foods found near hotel (Jl. AM Sangaji Yogyakarta)

1. Neru Ramen, across Tentrem Hotel. Favorite! Only around $1 per portion and super full stomach!
I tried the curry broth (beware, it's super hot!) and ordered mango juice. The mango juice was superb, real mango and so refreshing ^^
Ummmm, if you wondered whether this ramen is halal or not, don't worry. Cheap ramen stalls around Jogja is like noodles. No they don't use p*rk :D

2. Nikkou Ramen. Been there twice. The first one, me and hubby arrived at 7 pm and their ramen was already sold out!!! >___< Then the day after, we went there at 6.30 pm and tried the menu (not complete, some menus were sold out, what the?!?!)
Broth not as savory as Neru Ramen. Price was around $1.5
Place was more comfortable than Neru.

3. Peacock Coffee. Delicious coffee at Rp 20.900 ($2). May not be suitable for a coffee expert but for a coffee liker, I like it. Tried cinnamon coffee (love it!) & green tea latte. Note that for a day, me and hubby only bought 1 cup and share it (although we love coffee, we avoid too much coffee coz it makes our stomach sick). Only for my hubby stay awaken during the nights when he had to study! 

5. Sego Goreng Kambing Goat. Delicious & cheap! Walaaahhh!! Bough a portion of fried rice (share it with hubby, because it has big portion) + extra egg + lamb meat & anti-cholesterol tea. Only paid $4 and our tummy = happy.

Then we moved to another hotel at the last day. Can you guess where is this?
It's in the hotel!

And tried Pecel Solo near Hyatt Yogyakarta. The most expensive Pecel I've ever tasted (but it's yummy!). Guests were all fashionable & mbois (hey suroboyo people do you know what mbois means?? Necis gituuu)
Pictures of Indonesian celebrities & politicians & president were on the wall (they visited Pecel Solo).
Paid $8 for a portion of pecel + terik daging (yum!) and nasi liwet (hubby loved it!)

Another yummy food I forgot to capture:
Rumah Makan Prasmanan Flamboyan - cheap! Masakan rumahan :9
Bebek Slamet - waaaa I love fried duck!!!!

Anyway, happy fasting! Sorry for posting so many foods here hehehehehee

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  1. candi prambanan yg gedenya udh slese di bersihin ituh... waktu ku kesana masih dibersihin jadi pas moto ga apikkk... hahahahaha

  2. haduwh, ini referensi komplit jg.. hampir semua tempat belom saya kunjungi. cm prambanan doang, hahahahah

  3. itu hotel nya seru bgt kynya, dimana ti?
    hahaha mbois, sering beredar dirumah kata2 itu :D
    hek? pecel solo itu mahelll bangett >.<

  4. arrggghhhh... nasi gorengnyaaaaa.....

  5. Nice info, hotel yang dibawah dimana yah?? Amanjiwo bukan???

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  6. fotonya bagus2 banget :D

    Aaah kangen jalan2 ke jogja, pengen bawa anak kesana xD


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