Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Why I Documented My Clothing

Long time not posting outfit thingy :p This is what I wore last week in Jogja, and repeated 2 days ago :D

Green cardi: Bandung FO, flower dress: tailor made, 
red bracelet: bought at Candi Prambanan Rp 1.000,- ($ 0.1!!!)

The Reason I Documented My Clothing(s) since the early time I blogged:
I'm not a fashionable woman, but I do like to take a picture (fashion journal) of my outfit. Why?
1. Sometimes I think I looked okay at the mirror, and go out... only to find out that my outfit doesn't suit me! (Bad combinations of colors or shape or whatever makes me uncomfortable during the day - usually seen at big mirrors at the malls wkwkwkkk). What I see in my room's mirror cannot show the wholeness, but a picture can.
2. When I looked good (according to myself) in a picture, it means I can repeat the same combinations all over again! Hahahahahahaa... Just like a catalog!
3. 'The Catalog' makes packing-for-traveling easier, since I know which top goes to which bottom :D

And since I used to repeat my mix & match, I actually only have small combinations of clothing - which means I can't do outfit post frequently. Coz I am wearing the same clothes as what I had posted :)))

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  1. I agree with you. Wearing the appropriate combo of clothes helps a lot with self confidence too. I had a lot of fashion mistakes over which can be avoided if I was more aware of what goes with what. And my co workers are people who are totally aware of what I wore although they meet me everyday.

  2. hahaah sama banget katiaaa :'))

  3. Ooo gitu.....ternyata jadi blogger ootd itu niatnya beda2ya setuju dengan alasannya mba .

  4. @Naderiey, Iena & Puput: Tossssss :))
    @Nourash: Hihihiiii iyaa begitulah :p


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