Kamis, 12 Juni 2014

Traveling: Hello Jogja! #1

Assalamu'alaikum! I feel so blessed to visit Jogjakarta, a very beautiful city :)
On Sunday, me and hubby rented a car to explore Jogja, but ended up specifically at Kaliurang Atas, where Museum Ullen Sentalu takes place, and some other attractions!

This was my second visit to Ullen Sentalu Museum (which I had visited in 2010 with my family). You know, when you really love a place, you want your loved one to see it too, so this time I asked my hubby to go there.
Hubby loved this museum so much! A MUST VISIT museum, if you're curious about Javanese heritage. It's like entering a secret garden which was gloomy yet beautiful. The guide will lead you to various era of Keraton Jogja, introduce you to their Sultan and princess, and see some ancient statue found in Java. No pictures are allowed, but there's some spot you can take a photo.

We take a rest at Beu Kenhof restaurant (placed in the museum) and enjoy the ambiance.

Bye, Ullen Sentalu!

While driving, hubby saw a sign to Merapi National Park. Here's what we can see in the lookout :') Mountains are trees!

Well since I wore this dress, I refused to walk longer :p (there's also Japanese bunker / Goa Jepang at the national park, by walking 1 km!)

And we visited Merapi Museum, which turned out to be... elegant!

There's a movie theater about Merapi, but I fell asleep >_< eughhh *tipe-tipe nempel molor*

And hunger stopped us at The Waroeng of Raminten! Such a calming place to eat :D Price was cheap, too!

Nice musholla :)

It was almost dark when we finished all of this journey, and we haven't visited Prambanan, Keraton, etc etc! One day is definitely not enough to explore Jogja ;)