Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

DIY Home Decor: Pop Frame!

Heyyy girls, this blue pop colored frame is my recent DIY thing for Home Decor :D

The frame was from my wedding picture--which I don't want to display at our minimalist house. Too formal pose, golden frame, and hubby wore purple beskap :p! And my jilbab was like... Margie Simpson's hair, too highhhh... Hahahahaaa...

Nahhh let's move on. Let's do something to make the frame match my home ambiance!

Remove the canvas picture.

Pylox it! I wish I had pastel colored Pylox... But this blue one is all I got ;)

After the paint dries, add some thick string (benang kasur?) at the back of frame using masking tape.
And hang your favorite photos!

Paperclip: from sister in law (Daisho Singapore--maybe available at Daisho Indonesia, too?)

FYI, the small side table/drawer is a landing strip of our home.
Every time we go home, we usually bring some clutters. Key, brochures, mails, coins...
This drawer (supposed to be) is the landing strip. Put everything here, sort, throw away what we don't need. Never pile 'garbage' in our home *yeah it's the theory, but in reality, time to time my home clutters are increasing =_="

A good sight of Landing Strip shown in Apartment Therapy, watch the video here :D
And what do we need in a landing strip in this video.

You know, good home photos found on the net usually looked so neat. No clutters are shown on top of tabe & sofa (no piles of magazines, snacks, mails, etc.). I wish!!