Senin, 12 Mei 2014

Traveling: Express Singapore!

Assalamu'alaikum! This trip happens at February 2014. That time, hubby planned to watch Singapore Airshow. Then my bro in law joined him to Sing, also his wife and kid. Then I bought my ticket to Sing, too.

Well, this was not an ordinary touristy trip to Singapore, so we skipped seeing Merlion :p

Arrived at Terminal 2 Changi, we stopped by at the Orchid Garden. Beautiful, with koi fish pond!

That first night, at February 14, while my hubby hasn't arrived to Singapore yet, me and bro-sis in law visited the beautiful Henderson Waves bridge. Umm, to know it better, see the review at tripadvisor or at this blog.

View from the bridge

Oh yeah, I forgot that it's Valentine's day, many couple have a date at the romantic bridge =_=" While my hubby was away hahahaha

The next day, we visited the famous Garden by The Bay!

At afternoon, lights still off.

Lights on!

And before 8 pm we walked quickly to Marina Bay Sands to see Wonderful light & fountain show in front of the mall (at the bay).

At Sunday, while hubby & bro in law go to Airshow, me and sis in law (with my nephew) went to River Safari. It's located beside Singapore Zoo, but specifically has river animals... From Nile River to Amazon, all famous rivers around the world.

In front of manatee's tank. Manatee is a kind of dugong, but its tail is roundish. And it is bigger than humaaan...

Then the next day, before going back to Jakarta, we had a walk around Kampong Gelam. Tried delicious martabak at Arab street (sorry I forgot the restaurant's name!)... I always love the vibrant ambiance at Kampong Gelam!

Cute cafe at Haji Lane

Also at Haji Lane. Looks like in Universal Studio ya? Hahahhaa...

At Kampong Gelam, cute!

In front of Masjid Sultan (Kampong Gelam)

On the way going back to Bugis MRT station, nice buildings!

And finally, back at Changi Airport. We visited Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2. I always adore Changi for its beautiful gardens.. Waiting time is fun ;)

Bye Singapore! In total, I've been going to Singapore 3 times hehehehe...

The first time going to Singapore = first time backpacking with friends
Second time = going with my family, the last time playing before I got married
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  1. Selalu cinta deh sama Changi yang selalu bisa ngubah-ngubah interior/eksterior tiap waktu dan selalu memukau. Huhuhu, aku ingin ke Singapore lagi, tapi nunggu anak gede ni.. *komen ibuk2*

  2. asyik yah maen ke singapore.. januari kemaren jg baru dari sana lagi...


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