Sabtu, 03 Mei 2014

Traveling: Beautiful Belitong!

Assalamu'alaikum blogggg...
I wanna tell a story about my last Belitong trip with other 11 friends (including my husband heheheh). At the end, all I can sum up is: for beach lovers, Belitong island is a must visit!!

We took a local tour agent there, because for 12 people it will be too hard to manage if we go on our own (renting cars, arguing where to go first, when to eat, etc etc). And it's a good decision as the tour agent served us well :D Good places & good food, yum yum!

Started at April 18, we arrived at Tanjung Pandan.
Travel car has waited for us outside the airport, and we go straight to Vihara Dewi Kwan Im... It's in the tour itinerary, but we weren't quite interested because we're still sleepy from the morning flight.

Then we went to Pantai Burung Mandi, near the vihara. Just a few minutes to take pictures.
Pantai Burung Mandi

Then they dropped us at Pantai Bukit Batu. Woohooo the excitement is going up! It's like a private beach... Nobody was there...

The fun part was, even though you play with sea water, you'll not feel sticky (you know, while playing at some beach, you'll feel uncomfortable when sea water dries at your skin).

Water is so clear you can see rocks in the sea.

Museum Kata by Andrea Hirata
Oh yeah, Andrea Hirata, the author of Laskar Pelangi book, has a museum. At first I wasn't quite interested, but when I got there, it's fun! You can drink traditional Belitong coffee too at the museum.
Many posters & achievements of Laskar Pelangi book & movie.

...and some good photo spots too!

Shooting site of Laskar Pelangi The Movie: SD Muhammadiyah Gantong
Well actually it's not the real school. This place was built for shooting property to resemble the real school decades ago.

Yayy we're the rainbow troops!!

Then we go to Tanjung Tinggi Beach, also used as shooting location of Laskar Pelangi. This beach were crowded due to its popularity, and the high rocks as seen on the movie were full of people. So sorry, no picture of them :D (I only took pictures where there were no people :)))

Watching sunset at Tanjung Tinggi...

Dinner at local restaurant at Tanjung Tinggi. OMG seafood was yummy!!!! (Now I'm drooling remembering fish curry with pineapple, fried crunchy calamari, ikan bakar... aaaarrgghhhh!! I miss them!)

Second day: Beach Hopping
Yayyy this day we took a boat, going around beautiful beaches at Belitong Island...

Lengkuas Island, with a lighthouse

In the lighthouse, get prepared to climb until 18th floor!

At the top of the lighthouse, view was magnificent! It's worth all the tiredness going up! Subhanallah...

Corals see through in the ocean

Snorkeling!! The boat dropped us a few kilometers near Lengkuas island to see fish & corals...

Jumping girls! It's in a small sand island, literally the island was just like 16 square meter...

Playing with starfish, spread around the sand island

Then the boat took us to Pulau Gede Kepayang, where there were turtle conservation... But we only went there to enjoy coconut drink & chatting & resting after swimming swimming :p

Day 3, before going back to the airport..
The car took us to the famous Mie Belitong (DELICIOUSSS!!!!), Belitong museum and then Rumah Adat (traditional house).

Inside Rumah Adat, playing with Indonesian music instrument :p

And closing Belitong trip by seeing a beautiful Kaolin Lake! Subhanallah, the lake has a very beautiful color!!

Byeeee Belitong!!! It's so nice to see you!

- Photos belongs to me, Yoyok, and Alen's camera (forgot which one) -