Jumat, 23 Mei 2014

Traveling: Hello again, KL!

Assalamu'alaikum blog :)
It's funny to realize that for the last 4 years, I had always gone to KL between March-April. The first time, April 2011 was Singapore-KL backpacking with my friends. Then March 2012 I joined a friend for Matrade convention. April 2013, again, holiday with friends. And March 2014, I joined my hubby who had a training in KL for a week.

My parents followed me to KL, they stayed for 3 days :D It was the first time for my mom being in KL, so I recommended them to go to Putrajaya. But as I didn't feel well, I just stayed at hotel >_<
Here are their photos of Putrajaya!

Mom :D

They rented a tourist taxi for 2 hours, spared the taxi with a nice Indian couple :) I'm so happy hearing mom & dad's stories that they were having fun & make new friends at Putrajaya. Oh I wish I could go with them! I haven't seen many places they took pictures of!

A day after my parents went back home to Indonesia, I had a city tour by myself. I took Kuala Lumpur Hop On Hop Off (KL HOHO) Bus Tour! This was my second experience riding KL HOHO, and I was really excited because the last time I went to KL I haven't finished my tour...

My highlight of the tour was Islamic Arts Museum, which is ranked #1 attraction of KL in Tripadvisor. It is located across the National Mosque, where my bus stopped.

Islamic Arts Museum, A Gallery of Islamic Design

Islamic Arts Museum Kuala Lumpur
The museum

Contemporary calligraphy Islamic Arts Museum Kuala Lumpur
Contemporary calligraphy exhibition

And these calligraphy are all hand-made! So neat!

Contemporary calligraphy Islamic Arts Museum Kuala Lumpur

Ka'bah replica miniature
Masjidil Haraam miniature. Alhamdulillah, been there and dreaming to come back :')

Sheikh Zayed Abu Dhabi miniature
Masjid Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed! Alhamdulillah I've been there too :')

Old Al Qur'an, hand made, hand written, and hand painted.

Selfie by self timer! (Finally there's a picture of me -__-")

A cafe in the museum, looked luxurious (and expensive hahahaha)

Outside the museum, across the mosque, I could see this beautiful building

Ice cream for lunch! While I was waiting for Hop On Hop Off next bus (Aha just kidding, I also bought some fruits too for my lunch) 

Menara Malaysia

View from the top of the bus

Little India!

Tips on joining Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour:

  1. Have a research of every tourism spot you will pass by (near the bus stop), so you know where to explore (or just sit in the bus until the next destination)
  2. Bring your own packed meal & drink, as it is quite hard to find (affordable) food, unless if you're planning to visit malls at the right time (the time your tummy screams for food) - in my experience, I was starving by the time I finished seeing Islamic Arts Museum, and their restaurant is too expensive. So I bought Ice cream & watermelon fruit sold in front of the mosque =_=" *yang penting keganjel*
  3. Sunblock! Oh yeah! Especially if you're planning to do sightseeing on the top of the bus. Nice view but... sunburned :p 

What I missed the most from KL:

  1. Nando's chicken. Omygod their grilled chicken is legend...dary! I want moooreeee!! I regret why I didn't buy their sauce to make my own peri-peri grilled chicken at home T_T Should I come back to KL only to satisfy my cravings of Nando's chicken???
  2. More flavors of Chatime!! And their shop is sooo fancy at Bukit Bintang :D
  3. Breakfast with hubby at Tous Les Jours shop at Bukit Bintang. Superb pastry & comfortable place, too
Tous Les Jours shop

So, I guess... See you next time, KL?

Rabu, 14 Mei 2014

Cut The Brownie! (DIY Dress to Shirt)

I've done a super easy clothing revamp.
Scarf: Indonesian fabric from mom in law (from Jogja)
Shirt: DIY from a dress
Bag: Cath Kidston

About the shiiirt hehehe....
This shirt was a dress. After some uncountable wearing, the print (pattern) started to fade and make it looks ugly. I cut it! Hehehehe
This is the dress before I cut it :p

Jersey material is so easy to cut... No need to sew, just leave it and stretch it. It won't fray :)
Also cut my jersey maxi dress which was too long for short girl like me. Just cut it (if you don't have time to mend it at tailor) and you're done! :D

Senin, 12 Mei 2014

Traveling: Express Singapore!

Assalamu'alaikum! This trip happens at February 2014. That time, hubby planned to watch Singapore Airshow. Then my bro in law joined him to Sing, also his wife and kid. Then I bought my ticket to Sing, too.

Well, this was not an ordinary touristy trip to Singapore, so we skipped seeing Merlion :p

Arrived at Terminal 2 Changi, we stopped by at the Orchid Garden. Beautiful, with koi fish pond!

That first night, at February 14, while my hubby hasn't arrived to Singapore yet, me and bro-sis in law visited the beautiful Henderson Waves bridge. Umm, to know it better, see the review at tripadvisor or at this blog.

View from the bridge

Oh yeah, I forgot that it's Valentine's day, many couple have a date at the romantic bridge =_=" While my hubby was away hahahaha

The next day, we visited the famous Garden by The Bay!

At afternoon, lights still off.

Lights on!

And before 8 pm we walked quickly to Marina Bay Sands to see Wonderful light & fountain show in front of the mall (at the bay).

At Sunday, while hubby & bro in law go to Airshow, me and sis in law (with my nephew) went to River Safari. It's located beside Singapore Zoo, but specifically has river animals... From Nile River to Amazon, all famous rivers around the world.

In front of manatee's tank. Manatee is a kind of dugong, but its tail is roundish. And it is bigger than humaaan...

Then the next day, before going back to Jakarta, we had a walk around Kampong Gelam. Tried delicious martabak at Arab street (sorry I forgot the restaurant's name!)... I always love the vibrant ambiance at Kampong Gelam!

Cute cafe at Haji Lane

Also at Haji Lane. Looks like in Universal Studio ya? Hahahhaa...

At Kampong Gelam, cute!

In front of Masjid Sultan (Kampong Gelam)

On the way going back to Bugis MRT station, nice buildings!

And finally, back at Changi Airport. We visited Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2. I always adore Changi for its beautiful gardens.. Waiting time is fun ;)

Bye Singapore! In total, I've been going to Singapore 3 times hehehehe...

The first time going to Singapore = first time backpacking with friends
Second time = going with my family, the last time playing before I got married
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