Senin, 14 April 2014

Modest Beach Wear

Assalamu'alaikum... As I'm planning my outfits for this long weekend beach getaway, I am soooo confused what to pack!

Picture of the beach from here

I will go to a beautiful island in Indonesia, clue: it's where a famous book & movie took place :D

The itinerary:
1st day: going around the island, probably will visit beach too, by car.
2nd day: beach hopping, maybe snorkeling, by car & boat.
3rd day: going around the island then flight back home.
Do you understand why I think about these beach-wear-thingy so seriously? Because what I wear should accommodate land-and-water activity! That clothing should be wearable both for tour and for swimming, no time for changing clothes ya... And they should dry easily after swimming, because I'll take a boat (you know the feeling when you wear wet clothes and get exposed to windy windy wind), then go to other beach and swim again...

Beautiful beach wear
Here's some ideas of modest beach wear I found on the net, which are sooo beautiful to wear... for photoshoot! IMO these outfits are for enjoying beach, at the sand... Not for swimming or snorkeling.

I like the yellow tunic combo with that flower pants. Perfect for day 1 activity (going around the island, probably visit beach but not swimming). While playing in the water, some part of the pants will get wet but then it dries again.

How about swim suit?
I'm not a fan of muslim swim suit... Well, unless I'm going to muslimah-only-swimming-pool, I don't think it's a good idea to wear swim suit to public beach...

Some modest swim suit found on the net.
Ummm I'll skip bringing these kinds of swim suit.

What I'll probably wear to beach hopping
Nah, these are what I thought to wear on beach hopping day! Start with legging (or swim suit's pants), spandex tees / manset (like swimsuit's material, dries easily), and the outerwear is the key for modesty!

Made with Polyvore.

I'd like to top the "basic" swimsuit (legging and tee) with:
Oversized chiffon blouse, the longer the better, or
Dress from chiffon pashmina (think about DIY), or
Chiffon midi dress...

Wear them at the beach sand and while swimming, do sunbathing for about 10 minutes and they're probably have already dried again! Voila! Ready for another round of beach hopping...

Never wear thick cotton tees, because based on my experience in this post (read at the bottom of the post), cotton tees takes soooo long to dry and it's so cold at the boat (because of the wind). Also, when wet, cotton tees is HEAVY...

Do you have any thoughts of muslim beach wear? Have you had any experience in beach hopping traveling? Or am I just overthinking hehehehee....

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  1. selamat berlibur, tiaaaa :-*

    kalo liburan ke pantai malah gak pernah nyebur aer, eh nyebur ding, tapi bagian celana aja yang mesti diakalin :D

    1. Fentiiii lama ga jumpaaaa hehehe...
      Iya sih kalo maen2 air doank minimal celana doank yg basah... Kalo nyemplung itu yg bingung bajunya :)))

  2. Happy Holiday!! Assalamualaikum, saya blogwalking kat sini, jemput datang ke blog saya Saya follow sini n kalau sudi follow la saya balik yer...

  3. wah, lanjut jalan2 ke pantai ya sekarang. rencana saya mau ke Pangandaran jg nih pas longweekend, tp nggak jadi krn tante dtg dari aceh. semoga seru yah liburannya..

    Dulu saya ke karimun jawa ngga pake baju renang muslim. Pake baju biasa aja trus snorkling kemana2, hehe

  4. Nice blog tia ;) inspiring outfit tips


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