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TRAVELING: Visite de Kuningan

Assalamu'alaikum, teman-temaaan...
Postingan perjalanan Korea terpaksa dipending dulu yaaa karena card reader laptop rusak, ngga bisa copy foto-foto T_T hihihiiii...

This time I'll post in English because it's about Indonesian culture... I hope people of the world would read this and be interested to travel in Indonesiaaaa ;*

December 2013 me and hubby's family went to Cirebon-Kuningan for holiday. Many historical site were placed around Kuningan. Um actually, one is PRE-historical site. Archaeologist found sarcophagus--big stone that is believed to be a coffin of ancient people--in Cipari, Kuningan. As per reading the review, I was so excited to see the site.


Welcome to Situs Purbakala Cipari!! (Cipari Ancient Site)

This is the sarcophagus

A museum inside Situs Purbakala Cipari

Ancient stuffs founded near Cipari

A very beautiful 'ancient garden' restored based on archaeologist's thought of what happened in the past. Ancient people would gather around that round stone (bottom left) for ceremonies

Errrr I forgot what this stone is called >_<


Gedung Perundingan Linggarjati is a witness of negotiations between Indonesia and Netherlands.

Tables & chairs used for the negotiation

Garden outside the museum


Indonesian people REALLY LIKE to buy souvenirs wherever they go. For family, neighbors, friends, blablabla :)) Nah if you're planning to buy Cirebon/Kuningan souvenir, go to Teh Diah's shop. I love to buy teh upet (Upet Tea), a traditional tea with jasmine fragrant which I claim to be the best tea I've ever brew. Bye bye Sar*wang* / D*lmah, I love teh upet more. They also sell various local snack, and I love the Kremes Ubi.
Outside teh Diah's shop, nicely decorated


Seafood tastes nice, but their service was slowwwwww & some orders were not delivered. Maybe because I went there during holiday, so crowded & the service crew were not enough.
Anyway this restaurant is really famous for everyone going to Cirebon/Kuningan


Wohoooooo I looove nasi jamblang. But get prepared to be sweaty due to the non air conditioning restaurant & the queue to get the food. I would like to comeback for more next time, but hubby & dad in law wouldn't :)))) Ah boys prefer more comfortable place to eat...
Well the delicious experience is including the sweating & queuing, right?

All pictures were taken using hubby's phone

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