Kamis, 13 Maret 2014

Tia's Kitchen

Assalamu'alaikum! Do you like to cook? I used to hate cooking, but....
Starting reeeally small: making chocolate dates for Lebaran treats

Making pancakes with friends at home

Pesto bread, vegetable salad & mushroom spaghetti

I've never been a girl who likes to go to the kitchen. My mom was a superbusy working woman & our housemaid never let me help her in the kitchen. I didn't like to cook. I didn't know the difference between kunyit, laos, jahe, kunci without smelling them. Ironic, because my family owns a catering company. I only knew the taste of food that have been cooked, not the ingredients nor how to cook it.

Once in my college, there were a festival called "Teknik Industri Fun Day". A cooking competition held and every labs (there's 5 labs at my campus), students & lecturers should participated. I was assistant in computer lab with other 5 girls (Yaniz, Mirsa, Nita, Irma) and none of us can cook! Welehhh... It was a scary thing for us: What will we cook? We'll only embarrassed ourselves! The night before competition, we practiced together to make i fu mie. Failed, but we hoped tomorrow would be better.

On the competition day, we forgot to bring food cutting board and not enough knife. Not prepared at allll... Other contestants were aware of our team, "Watch out, there's Tiananda in computer lab's team, she owns a catering!"

Somehow our i fu mie's broth were too thin, tastes weird (too many sesame oil), and the noodles wasn't cooked well. Even the judges didn't try to eat it :)) Of course we lose.

That's my cooking background.

 Melon dragon & lemon juice

 Fruit salad for breakfast

After marriage, especially after moving in our own home, I must learn to cook myself. I was a little bit afraid that my cookings tastes bad, but however, I know my hubby would eat my meals :)
Preparing meals were confusing at first, but later it's getting easier. Alhamdulillah my hubby never demanded me too-much-spiced food like gulai or rendang etc, because he's trying to live more healthily. We looove sauted vegetables, so easy breezy!

Guacamole & egg in bread for hubby's breakfast

Roasted potato & grilled salmon for dinner

Now I believe, cooking is easy (as long as you choose the easy recipe hahahahaha). Simple ingredient & simple technique can do a delicious meals too! So I encouraged all girls out there who maybe like me: afraid too cook, to just try! There were plenty of simple recipes out there! ;)

Beef steak with potato wedges

BTW in case you're wondering our food were a little bit western-ish, well, I just didn't capture the oseng-oseng tempe, tumis toge, sayur bayam, sop & other tumis-tumisan ga jelas :p
Pics from my instagram & hubby's

Selasa, 11 Maret 2014

TRAVELING: Visite de Kuningan

Assalamu'alaikum, teman-temaaan...
Postingan perjalanan Korea terpaksa dipending dulu yaaa karena card reader laptop rusak, ngga bisa copy foto-foto T_T hihihiiii...

This time I'll post in English because it's about Indonesian culture... I hope people of the world would read this and be interested to travel in Indonesiaaaa ;*

December 2013 me and hubby's family went to Cirebon-Kuningan for holiday. Many historical site were placed around Kuningan. Um actually, one is PRE-historical site. Archaeologist found sarcophagus--big stone that is believed to be a coffin of ancient people--in Cipari, Kuningan. As per reading the review, I was so excited to see the site.


Welcome to Situs Purbakala Cipari!! (Cipari Ancient Site)

This is the sarcophagus

A museum inside Situs Purbakala Cipari

Ancient stuffs founded near Cipari

A very beautiful 'ancient garden' restored based on archaeologist's thought of what happened in the past. Ancient people would gather around that round stone (bottom left) for ceremonies

Errrr I forgot what this stone is called >_<


Gedung Perundingan Linggarjati is a witness of negotiations between Indonesia and Netherlands.

Tables & chairs used for the negotiation

Garden outside the museum


Indonesian people REALLY LIKE to buy souvenirs wherever they go. For family, neighbors, friends, blablabla :)) Nah if you're planning to buy Cirebon/Kuningan souvenir, go to Teh Diah's shop. I love to buy teh upet (Upet Tea), a traditional tea with jasmine fragrant which I claim to be the best tea I've ever brew. Bye bye Sar*wang* / D*lmah, I love teh upet more. They also sell various local snack, and I love the Kremes Ubi.
Outside teh Diah's shop, nicely decorated


Seafood tastes nice, but their service was slowwwwww & some orders were not delivered. Maybe because I went there during holiday, so crowded & the service crew were not enough.
Anyway this restaurant is really famous for everyone going to Cirebon/Kuningan


Wohoooooo I looove nasi jamblang. But get prepared to be sweaty due to the non air conditioning restaurant & the queue to get the food. I would like to comeback for more next time, but hubby & dad in law wouldn't :)))) Ah boys prefer more comfortable place to eat...
Well the delicious experience is including the sweating & queuing, right?

All pictures were taken using hubby's phone