Sabtu, 30 November 2013

The Apartment of Mine

As a housewife, besides cleaning home & cooking, I love to watch TV show hahahaaa... Alhamdulillah not sinetron. I love to watch The Apartment, a design contest of decorating rooms in a house. I found the show was soooo interesting as the amateur designer contestants are so creative! Given limited time & budget, they created breathtaking rooms.
Well lately after living in our own home, me & hubby spent our time & money to fill the house. It's been an exciting process & sooo fun! I felt like we're The Apartment contestants :)) 
Here are some photos of me being an amateur interior designer of our home sweet home:
Dining room ala cafe
Dining Table: Informa / Artificial flowers: Mangga Dua / Table Runner: from antislip material, DIY

A very cozy living room
Sofa bed: Informa / White Wall Shelf: Ace Hardware / Wall Sticker: / Square Cushion: DIY / Round Cushion: Mangga Dua

Okay that's it for now, I don't have many pictures... It's all from my cellphone, I've uploaded them to my instagram :)) 
Oh yeah my home is filled with Informa's products. Been surveying here and there (malls, Klender, online, ...) and Informa's stuffs fits us the best (in design & budget)

In filling this house, I stick to a limited color palette: white, dark brown/dark grey, wood color, and a touch of lime green (and a very little bit of fuchsia). I do want to paint my walls in a more vibrant color, but that's another story ;)

10 komentar:

  1. suka sekali dengan desain interior rumahnya :)

    aku juga suka nonton acara itu. sayang sudah mau habis ya hhehe

  2. Aku suka sekali dining tablenya.. Simple yet stylish, hehe.. Pingin dekor-dekor juga deh, tapi untuk sementara masih ngendon di rumah orang tua jadi mari kumpul-kumpul uangnya dulu yeuk.. =p

  3. Sekarang tinggal di Jakarta ya?
    Udah pernah ke Herman Dexter? Sering sale, harganya lebih miring dibanding Informa :)

  4. itu suka banget sofanyaaaaaa

  5. lucuu bangettt..
    pangen maen ke sana donk :D

  6. Cute, I love it! I'm addicted to shows like that... they suck you in!

  7. woa.. so homey, cute, and lovely..
    pengen ngedesain rumah ala ala minimalis tapi belum terlaksana. minimalisnya sih udah. minimalis banget sampek belum punya meja kursi dan masih gelar tiker seadanya. hehehe ;p

  8. terimakasih atas informasinya


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