Sabtu, 30 November 2013

The Apartment of Mine

As a housewife, besides cleaning home & cooking, I love to watch TV show hahahaaa... Alhamdulillah not sinetron. I love to watch The Apartment, a design contest of decorating rooms in a house. I found the show was soooo interesting as the amateur designer contestants are so creative! Given limited time & budget, they created breathtaking rooms.
Well lately after living in our own home, me & hubby spent our time & money to fill the house. It's been an exciting process & sooo fun! I felt like we're The Apartment contestants :)) 
Here are some photos of me being an amateur interior designer of our home sweet home:
Dining room ala cafe
Dining Table: Informa / Artificial flowers: Mangga Dua / Table Runner: from antislip material, DIY

A very cozy living room
Sofa bed: Informa / White Wall Shelf: Ace Hardware / Wall Sticker: / Square Cushion: DIY / Round Cushion: Mangga Dua

Okay that's it for now, I don't have many pictures... It's all from my cellphone, I've uploaded them to my instagram :)) 
Oh yeah my home is filled with Informa's products. Been surveying here and there (malls, Klender, online, ...) and Informa's stuffs fits us the best (in design & budget)

In filling this house, I stick to a limited color palette: white, dark brown/dark grey, wood color, and a touch of lime green (and a very little bit of fuchsia). I do want to paint my walls in a more vibrant color, but that's another story ;)

Rabu, 06 November 2013

#MenulisMuharram 2013

Happy Islamic New Year :) I hope Allah blessed us all and shower us with health and happiness, and always remind us to thank everything He gives us ^^

My friend of mine, Prima, created a fun event #MenulisMuharram this November. She gathers bloggers to write a different article each day during November, and you can read it here (click on the article you wanna read).

So check out everyday, learn something new & share a comment :)