Kamis, 10 Oktober 2013

What To Bring: 5 Days Winter Travel

Playing with polyvore to create a minimalist belongings for 5 days winter tour (winter apparel is HEAVY so bring as less as possible!!! >_<) and this is it!! The most basic items which probably I'll bring to survive the cold winter:

For 5 days, mix them into these:

Well I'll probably bring those kind of items (not the exact items like in the picture -- they're expensive!!): creme down jacket for snowy days, black coat, 2 sweaters, 3 shawls, one black boots, one bag. I hope they will fit into my luggage & can be worn everyday as if I changed my cloth everyday (secret of winter trip: you will not sweat, so it's okay to wear clothes more than once :p)

Update: just bought myself a plain black down (bulu angsa) jacket from Mangga Dua, which is sooo warm but I do look like a PILLOW! Yaaaa, daripada kedinginan yeeee.... So bye bye stylish black coat...

I wonder why my choices of clothing is so... boring. No splash of colors, just the neutrals. No cute accent, just the basic. I have a belief that I should have the basic first that is safe which can be used in any occasion, no brave enough to wear too stylish items O_o