Senin, 23 September 2013

How Many Bags do We Need?

In my effort to become more minimalist, recently I sort my bags to (A): ones I really use & (B): ones I seldom use, ones I don't remember having, ones that have torn, and ones that make me uncomfortable wearing it. Although the bag was a gift or was my favorite, the (B) bags need to be let go. I shall not hold onto the memories (well, my closet won't), so I should only hold to what I really need.

I realize, as women, we "need" more items than man (well, man can go to mall / wedding party / wherever without bag!). These are items I think I need, and I'll keep. This list can be different for you, depending our activity ;)

a. Casual Everyday Bag - the go to bag that can be used everyday without fear to be torn, lightweight enough, can be used everyday & can hold anything from clutters to books. I have 2 colors: Black & Creme Gold (for clothes & shoes that don't do with black bag). I'll show you why I need more than one casual bag:

I think this outfit won't look good if I only have a cream bag

b. Semi formal bag - maybe a more expensive bag... You know, for attending events such as seminars / dinner / whenever I need to appear more... serious? I actually have 2, too. One is a gift: leather longchamp I rarely use because it's quite expensive (I never have pricey items!) & I am always in fear whenever I use expensive things x_x, and one is Fufu, a local brand I bought for seserahan & its handle is broken but I haven't fixed it.

c. A clutch - for wedding party, that can hold your cellphone, tissue, lipstick, oil paper & some money!
I have two clutch actually, a cheap silver clutch & a camel colored leather clutch which is a gift. 

d. A small cheap bag for going to pasar/market

e. A laptop bag / working bag - to be used when I need to go to work. I opted for a backpack from Hellolulu, because the brand offers casual colorful laptop bags. Been eyeing that brand but it's quite expensive. Luckily I'm Zalora member... When my birthday came, they gifted me with a discount voucher and I used it to buy my laptop bag :))

Laptop bag, semi formal 1 & semi formal 2 :p

Online shopping at Zalora saves my time. They provide lots of brand (local & international), various items from fashion to beauty, and the "free shipping" makes it cheaper than going to mall (no fuel / taxi & no need to buy snacks I always want each time I go to mall :))). I can easily browse product I want, what color I'd like, and range of price I'd pay. Actually my first experience shopping at Zalora was buying a few makeup items for my wedding seserahan, hehehehe.. Visit and enjoy shopping without hassle :D

Well, becoming minimalist doesn't mean you will never go shopping again, but to shop wisely to what you need, or what's missing in your closet to create countless styles in minimum items ;)
Actually I thought I don't have enough bags, but after making this list, I realize I already have all I need (maybe more than enough!). If one bag is torn, then it's time to replace. Otherwise, no shopping is needed ;)

TIPS to have minimum number of bags: Stick with a color palette in your closet. For me, as long as I have black and brown, it can match with all of my outfits. Same goes with shoes! (Maybe your color palette is neon or pastel, you don't really need to have black or brown)

PS: I forgot to list luggage & travel bag!!!

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