Rabu, 07 Agustus 2013

Pastels for Akad Ceremony (Guest)

Assalamu'alaikum :D
Today is the last day of Ramadhan, eh? I'm sorry for all mistakes I've done yaaa, either it is mis-spelling or wrong grammar or maybe my posts has caused a pain for you :')

BTW last June I attended one of my best friend's akad ceremony, in Surabaya's Grand Mosque. 
What I wore: chiffon top (Mangga Dua), square hijab (Mangga Dua), pleated skirt (Icons) - well yeah I owned this skirt since 2 years ago and you've seen it a lot in this blog ;)

Soooo happy to meet college besties!!

Barakallah, Dayat & Sasha!

BTW have you tried the famous Bebek Sinjay (Sinjay fried duck) in Madura?? I haven't been there (to Madura). Luckily Sinjay opened its branch in Surabaya. After the ceremony, me & friends go to KAZA City (Kapas Krampung - Surabaya) to taste the delicious duck. WOWWWW it's yummyyyyy I wanna eat it again :P
People say, in Madura, Sinjay's car park is always full, and you're lucky if you can buy the fried duck because it's sold out fast, with long queue.
In KAZA City food court, buying Sinjay duck was just a breeze. Service was fast, and they had lots of stock. Alhamdulillah, after 13 years living in Surabaya (and already moved to Jakarta now), I've tasted Sinjay =___=

And now, my Surabaya Culinary checklist I haven't done is:
Sego Sambel Mak Yeye (Madam Yeye's Chili Rice)
Nasi Goreng Jancuk (**** Fried Rice - super hot)

My Fave Surabaya Culinary I always look forward when I go to Surabaya:
Lontong Mie Ny. Marlia - Ps. Atum (Madam Marlia Rice Noodle - errrr I don't know how to translate this food to English :)))))
Fried Duck - basically any fried duck in Surabaya is DELICIOUSSSS

*Puasa-puasa kok ngomongin makanan*

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  1. i love the simple combination of the top and skirt <3<3

  2. i bought Sinjay last week kakaak, enaaak sambelnya, bebeknya juga empuk. sampe keluar air mata makan nya saking kepedesan.

  3. iya nih, puasa puasa kok ngomongin makanan. tapi pastel emang selalu menggoda kok. no wonder lah ;)

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  5. Certainly be happy if we could attend a friend's wedding party. We could see their happiness directly, as well as we could pray for them sincerely ...


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