Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013

Fashion Pasta and La Rucola

Tried Fashion Pasta at Bandung - Dago Pakar. Yeah the restaurant's name includes "fashion" on it. So I supposed, it's a place for cool people to hangout heheheh.. My thought before going there: "Oh my, I'm not fashionable enough to go there.." *halah* :))

Hubby ordered Pesto Spaghetti (for ones who love the taste of basil, they must love pesto!) and me... pizza. He's happy with his pesto.

Errrr how can I eat all of these?
Anyway we share our food. Because pizza is for sharing, right? And it's kinda boring to eat the whole pizza all alone.

Fancy interior!

Cool ambience at night.

Anyway as pasta lover, we love Surabaya's La Rucola italian restaurant. Interior was authentic as like in Italy (nothing fancy, just cozy & classic).
Taste was delicious, and made of high quality ingredient (my mom told me that it's all tasted fresh - well, she's been in culinary business for years so I believed her)

All enjoy the dishes!

Grilled salmon, very tempting!

Feels like passing through real bistro in Italy :D
La Rucola is quite pricey but it worth the price. If you're a true pasta lover, I suggest you to go there ;)