Jumat, 05 Juli 2013

The Lifestyle Inflation

Salaam... I've just read an interesting article about how people usually treat their raised salary. How bigger income make us think we're richer and we can buy more expensive stuffs... but in the end, we have nothing left to save.
Well yes this article is true:
Sometimes a boost in income is almost like a switch in the brain. Suddenly, the car you drove so proudly looks like an old tin rattle bucket, and the $1 burritos you shared with friends are thrown aside for fancier fare. The thing is, when you think back to the days in your life when you were happiest or had the most fun, those memories are probably completely unrelated to what you were wearing, driving, or how much money you were spending. Chances are, they probably had more to do with where you were in life and who you were with.
Here's the full article, it's very insightful :)

Note for myself:
In college I'd be happy going out with my friends for Rp 7.700 KFC meal package (less than $1 for rice, chicken, and coke)... but now, we'd go for a fancier and pricier place to eat. Ahhh we should keep being humble, yes? -well, I'm not saying that we should eat KFC.. we need to eat healthily but not too expensive
I used to have only 1 or 2 pair of shoes in college, and only one bag which I used everyday... Once they're getting torn, I replaced them. Life would be easier that time, because nothing would be 'left in the other bag' :))
Keep humble keep humble keep humble...

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  1. Thankyou Tia for sharing and for reminder...
    *tetiba kangen jaman kuliah *salah fokus


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