Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

Gading Night Carnival 2013

Yesterday night, Gading Night Carnival was held in front of Mall Kelapa Gading, as a part of Jakarta Fashion Food Festival 2013. Hubby & me was so excited to see, and we rode angkot (public minibus) because we knew there would be an awful traffic jam around Kelapa Gading. Good decision!

We took our new camera: Fujifilm X10 to test its capability in night shot. Well, most of the times, we used Auto mode :p (it has EXR & Pro Low Light mode for capturing light in the dark, and also manual features, but after trying, Auto was quite good, too)
In search of a good spot to see the carnival, we walked through Mall Kelapa Gading 3 to La Piazza. Mall Kelapa Gading is sooo HUGE! Gempooorrr... And yesterday, millions of people were loaded into the mall & the street. 

Media & posters said, the carnival begins at 6 pm. It's a LIE! We waited for so long, and at 7.30, the first attraction came to entertain. I love the marching band. Too bad many photos were blurred. Moving objects was hard to be captured in such dark light...

This picture was taken by me! Such a coincidence I can shot those beautiful firework :D

My review about Gading Night Carnival 2013 are:

  • I don't know why the event organizer (EO) let people wait for 1.5 hours. It's just TOO MUCH wasting of time. Felt sorry for people who have waited from 5 pm x_x
  • EO and Guard should have worn better uniform. The EO worn neon-lime-green-T-shirt, and the Guard worn orange-and-white-T-shirt. When people took pictures of the carnival, seeing lime-green and orange T-shirt in the middle of fashionable costumes can damage the beauty of a fashion/event photography =__=
  • EO should have walked near the barrier, not at the center of the dancer & models. Again, it ruined a good photo.
  • Between each group of entertainer, was an awkward silence. No music. People just guessing, "Is there any more to come? Has it (the carnival) finished?"
  • Well, I didn't watch last year's carnival, but hubby & some people said, last year was better.

See the Guard? In orange & white T shirt..

After the show was finished, me and hobby felt so hungry & we ate at Secret Recipe :9 *pacaran lagiii*
Recommended: Barbeque Grilled Chicken
Approximately IDR 42.000

Photo taken by my hubby

Lucky we went inside the mall. We didn't know that as soon as the carnival's over, rain poured heavily, many people got wet... :s *pake pawang hujan kali ya??*

PS: Gading Night Carnival's review in a good point of view can be read here. Sorry if I was being so mean in my review... Maybe it's because of the long waiting time :p