Jumat, 26 April 2013

Perfect Shoes For You?

What is the most exciting part of going to department store? For me, it's visiting Shoe Department. Sea of colorful shoes makes my heart happy :D I also love trying shoes: Elegant high heels, quirky wedges, cute flat shoes, to simple or strappy sandal... I like how my posture become slightly taller & straighter when I wear high heels. Feels like a fashionista while wearing wedges. And being cute while wearing flats and sandals.

One brand I love to see at department store is Be-Bob Shoes. They have LOTS of style to suit all your needs. In my opinion, every woman need:

1. Fashionable Daily Shoes

Either to go to campus or running errands to the mall, flats / semi sandal can be a bestfriend. Minimum requirement: black shoes & brown / beige shoes. Already have black & brown? Let's collect another colors :))

2. Pretty Office Shoes
Brighten up your working day with these fashionable shoes! Well, at least you should have one black formal shoes...

3. Party Shoes
From casual cocktail party, beauty community gathering, to bestfriend's wedding party. Simple heel or quirky wedges, up to you :)

What kind of shoes do you need right now? Luckily, all those shoes can be bought at Be-Bob Shoes website! Yay!!
Actually I don’t really like the idea of buying shoes online, because we don’t know whether the size is correct or will it be comfortable. But these Be-Bob Shoes are already sold in many department stores in Indonesia (and it is local brand! Be proud :D), so I've tried and seen the quality when I visit the store. It's well made and comfortable to wear.

I love those designs above, but decided to buy a simple flat shoes – which goes to whatever I’m wearing and wherever I’m going. One which is comfortable enough to be worn all day, crossing the street, riding a bus, and simply fashionable enough to be worn inside a mall. So, I bought this shoes online at Be-Bob! :D
Camel color Be-Bob flats, with cut out details. Correct size, alhamdulillah.
I'm glad I could find a matching shoe color for my 2 bags (backpack & sling bag) ^^

Well, since my collection of basic items are enough now, I can prepare to buy cute shoes!!
Hahahahaaa... Will hubby read my post? Either will he think I’m a desperate housewife shoe-aholic, or will he buy me more shoes?? :p


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  1. tia tambah chubby ? jangan2 ... :D

  2. the first one which I need the most kak, buat ngejar2 dosen #skripsi

  3. gag ada kynya cewe yg ga meleleh liat sepatu lucu2 gitu >.<

  4. Nice share......good luck with the contest & keep posting :)

  5. pada bagus-bagus ya sendalnya...

  6. wah, aku mau mary-jane warna pinknya :D

  7. wohooo.. ini toh yg dapet sepatu,,
    kesen postingannya.. aku juga seneng flat shoes.. nyamannn


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