Rabu, 24 April 2013

Paris, December 2012

Well, after getting married, this girl suddenly had her childhood dreams come true: go around the world.
She flew a thousand miles to Europe, in winter cold weather!
Rejeki nikah yaaa? :D

Paris is a very beautiful city. Landmarks were built in a symmetrical view, and buildings are organized and pretty to see.

Coat by sewamantel.com (yeah I tried to save my penny ;D before the trip)

View from Eiffel tower

Bro & sis in law, with my lil cute nephew Nandhi

Nandhi was the star of the tour!

Candid? In Sacre Coeur Basilica


Due to very cold weather (based on research before the trip), I knew I should invest on a good coat (sweater is not enoughhh). And a good coat is expensive! So my tips is:
  • Borrow a coat from family/friend, or like me, I use sewamantel.com coat-rental
  • If you really need to buy a coat or down-filled jacket (jaket isi bulu angsa), buy at Toko Djohan Mangga Dua or Farina Mangga Dua (price is around Rp 500.000 - 700.000 for a VERY GOOD quality of jacket, Zara / Promod / S.Oliver etc from factory), or maybe try hunting at flea market?
There were also some winter jacket (Chinese made) in some Factory Outlet Bandung, but when I surveyed, I wasn't sure about the quality...

My tips is also to bring a good quality of winter gloves. Mine was cheap-wool-look-alike, and I still feel too cold, brrrr...

credit: photos by my husband (& sometimes tripod)

13 komentar:

  1. ni embak satu abis nikah jalan jalan mulu yah *envy :3

  2. iya nih bermanfaat bgt tips mantel nya ^^

  3. wow, amazing place..teringin mahu kesana juga..:)

  4. jadi ngiri pengen ke sana juga, sama keluarga lagi.. enaknyaa

  5. Only if you come to Malaysia, you can buy some light-down winter jacket at Uniqlo that's worth every penny. It's light, easy to carry, and warm your body in the winter. And don't forget to invest some heat-tech inner too if you think you will stay for a long time in the winter month. :)

  6. keren yah bisa honey moon kemana2... pengen deh.. ahhh, nikah aja belom nih :'(

  7. @ Ana: I bought a piece of heattech at Uniqlo Paris, so warm :D Yeah Uniqlo also sells light-down winter jacket in assorted colors! Yummy! But I already bought a jacket at Indonesia :-/
    Well, soon Uniqlo will open its store at Jakarta, too, alhamdulillah :D

  8. @ Rini Hastuti: heheee alhamdulillaaah
    @ Nuraini: alhamdulillah bermanfaat :D
    @ Asyik Izas, Sidik Jari & Meutia: ada mimpi ada jalaaan ;)

  9. berkah banget yaaa abis nikah, bisa jalan2 kesana kemari..huhuhuu

  10. Asalamualaikum mbak tia:)
    baca blog mbak tia bagus banget..isinya travelling terus sama suami uuuwwoooo pingin deh ^^
    bisa ke paris subhanallah deh :)

  11. itu cita citaku jugaaaa..

    anw kak tia so cute . outfitnya gak prnah berlebihan. paas! suka deh :D

  12. mbak tia bikin envy maximal >.<

  13. Uwahh jadi kangen pengen ksana lagiii..baru tau ada sewa mantel tfs yaa


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